Yamaha SZ R 153CC Review and Price Details

This review is about My Yamaha SZ R 153CC

Yamaha SZ R 153CC Review and Price Details

Yamaha SZ R 153CC Blue Color Bike

Yamaha SZ R 153CC Bike

Today, 11th of September, I was very excited and waiting for my bike Yamaha SZ R 153CC to buy. And on 19th Oct, I booked the bike by EMI, so downpayment was around Rs. 41000/- (EMI will be Rs.5000 / per month) and they told me that they will provide the bike on next day itself from the date of booked but I would like to get on 24th Oct(my lucky day).

I got Sparkling Diwali Offer like
Helmet Lock
Seat Cover and Stickers.



The mileage which I am getting is average of 48KMPL.



The price details of Yamaha SZ R 153CC Bike in Bangalore.
  • On-Road Price : Rs. 67,507
  • Mileage : 45 – 50KMPL
  • Ex-Showroom Price: Rs. 56,700

(Note: Mileage is depends the way how you drive for the first two month, you should maintain the speed limit about 40 – 45KMPH like 3500RPM)

A Short review about Yamaha SZ R 153CC
Look and Design
  • More rating for this bike
  • I chose this bike because of sporty design
  • Comfortable sheet
  • Tank Design
  • Stylish Look
  • It has Electric start without kicker ( Battery saves separate power for engine ignition )
  • The major plus with sz r is that engine wont get heat even in long drive
  • The engine is air cooled, 4stroke. The aerodynamic design helps in cooling the engine.
  • It’s amazing.
  • You will get about 48 – 55 KPL inside the city
  • While in a long drive, you will get 50 – 58 KPL ( don’t worry about mileage, it depends on your torque )

For more details,

I refer this website for Yamaha SZ R Review by Aathi Narayanan – Bike Advice

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8 Responses

  1. mohan says:

    its a good bike , but lot of maintaince. nie look n pik up n braking system.

  2. Raghavendra says:

    ok be care while driving……

  3. rajib says:

    Yamaha szr-153 is good byke.its better than pulsar 150 Cc byke.better mylage

  4. Shaikh says:

    YAMAHA….szr bike is really awesome and it feels a very good handling bike for me…

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